Our staff are what make Penguin Pre-School what it is, without the hard work and dedication of the staff we would not be here today. We currently have vacancies available so if you would like join our team have a look at our vacancy section at the bottom of the page (Click Here to Jump) on how to apply.




Mrs Liesel Symonds

Safeguarding Lead Professional (SLP)

Liesel started her career in childcare in 1999, her first job was at Penguin Pre-School as a nursery nurse. She then moved on to work in three other nurseries, as a deputy manager and manager before returning to her roots at Penguin Pre-School in 2011.

Liesel is a mother of two young children.

Liesel is passionate about ensuring that Penguin Pre-School provides the best quality possible in teaching Early Years. She leads a professional team of staff that always go the extra mile to support our children and families.

"I am Proud of all my staff that have been handpicked to work at Penguin Pre-School. The staff share my commitment and dedication to provide quality teaching. We recognise that all children are individuals and tailor our teaching to suit each child. Being a Mum myself I understand the worries experienced by parents/carers when they leave their most precious possessions in our care".

In her spare time Liesel enjoys spending time with her family, traveling, dressmaking and baking.


Gabrielle (Gabbie)

Deputy Manager/Emperors Room Leader
SENDCO (Special Educational Needs and Disabilities co-ordinator).

Gabbie started her career in childcare in 2011. Gabbie has worked at local settings before joining Penguin Pre-School in 2015.

Gabbie is dedicated in promoting the development of all the children within her care, providing exciting new learning opportunities.

In her spare time Gabbie enjoys Zumba and spending time with her family and friends.

"Gabrielle is an enthusiastic practitioner! She is always striving to enhance the learning experiences to create the best possible teaching. She is an inspiring, motivating member of staff" - (Liesel Symonds).



Rockhopper Practitioner
Deputy Safeguarding Lead Practitioner (SLP)
Lead Behaviour Practitioner

Mary Joined Penguin Pre-School in 2006.

Mary is a mother of two fantastic boys.

Mary enjoys seeing the progression of the children at penguin Pre-School through their achievements and development on a daily basis.

Mary also loves attending Early Years courses/training to ensure that she is conducting the best possible practice with the most current knowledge.

Mary enjoys family time and meeting up with her friends in her spare time.
"Mary loves researching new ideas! She is a dedicated, hardworking member of staff" - (Liesel Symonds)



Rockhopper Practitioner
Equal opportunities co-ordinator
Lead Behaviour Practitioner

Claire joined Penguin Pre-School in 1998.

Claire is the mother of three children and a grandparent of one.

Claire is a caring and fun member of the team who enjoys watching children succeed and grow into independent and confident little people.

In her spare time Claire likes to spend time with family and looking after her grandchild.

"Claire has an artistic flare! She is a very loyal member of staff" - (Liesel Symonds)



Rockhopper Practitioner

Shannon joined Penguin Pre-School in 2014.

She enjoys watching the children develop and reach their full potential throughout their time spent at Penguin Pre-School. She loves to develop their learning all the time.

In her spare time she enjoys going out with her friends, babysitting for her family and friends.

"Shannon is an energetic, comical, young lady. She is always smiling! She is a real ray of light!" - (Liesel Symonds)



Rockhoppers Room Leader
SENDCO (Special Educational Needs and Disabilities co-ordinator)

Sarah joined Penguin Pre-School in April 2011.

Sarah has previously worked in a day nursery in Nottingham and a playgroup near Norwich between 2001 and 2010.

Sarah enjoys supporting families and providing a fun caring environment for the children so we can grow and learn together.

In her spare time, Sarah likes go to concerts enjoys reading and visiting the countryside.

"Sarah is a caring, professional member of staff and a real asset to the Pre-School" - (Liesel Symonds)



Apprentice Practitioner 

Leah started at Penguin Pre-School as a student in 2014

Leah has more recently joined the team as an apprentice Practitioner in September 2016

Leah is currently working towards a Level 3 Award in Children’s Care, Learning and Development. She is continuously developing her own knowledge through research carried out to complete various tasks.

Leah loves working with the children and watching their learning experiences develop them as an individual

Leah enjoys spending time with her family and friends. In her spare time she enjoys going to the movies, eating out and shopping

“Leah is working hard to gain more knowledge and experience in childcare and education” – (Liesel Symonds)


Victoria (Vikki)

Emperor Practitior

Vicky joined Penguin Pre-School in 2014.

Vicky is the mother of two boys.

Vicki enjoys promoting craft activities bringing new and exciting activities for the children to experience.

In her Spare time Vicky enjoys spending time with her family.

"Vicky is a nurturing member of staff that compliments the Emperors team perfectively. She has calm, reassuring presence with the children" - (Liesel Symonds)


Annalisa (Anna)

Emperor Practitior

Annalisa joined Penguin Pre-School in January 2017, with experience of working within various other childcare settings

Anna enjoys bringing new experiences to the children on a daily basis to promote exciting learning!

Anna is trained in British sign language

Annalisa is a Mother of two children

In her spare time Annalisa enjoys family time and reading

“Annalisa is a bubbly confident practitioner. She has a passion to teach” – (Liesel Symonds)



Emperor Practitior

Michelle joined Penguin Pre-School in September 2015, with experience of working within local settings.

Michelle is a mother of two

Michelle’s passion has always been to work with children, recognising that each child is unique and an individual.

Michelle is extremely enthusiastic and works well within the Pre-School to promote all areas of learning and development.

Michelle enjoys visiting America and spending lots of time with her family. Michelle also enjoys reading and walking the dog.

“Michelle is an excellent practitioner; she is passionate about her job. You can see this in the way she engages with the children and families. She always wants the best for our children and families” – (Liesel Symonds)



Supply/Cover Practitioner

Vennessa joined Penguin Pre-School in 2014.

Vennessa enjoys watching all the children learn new things within a happy environment.

In her spare time Vennessa likes visiting new places.

"Vennessa is an adaptable member of staff that works in both the Pre-School rooms" - (Liesel Symonds)





If you are interested in joining our team these a the current vacancies we have


40 hours per week
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contact penguin

If you need to contact us for any reason these are our details.

Address: Newtown Methodist Church, Caister Road, Great Yarmouth, NR30 4DB

Phone: 01493 851101


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